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InMove Media worked with PANE & VINO, a well-established Italian Restaurant in Brooklyn, New York; recognized for the perfect balance between delicious Italian food, genuine atmosphere and traditional live music. The owner contacted us to revive the brand, to re-design a new and modern website with the aim to boost and streamline the food orders online, to increase the table reservations, and to grow the revenue coming from private events.

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Redesign Logo and a new Website, Increase the branding awareness, the traffic volume overall and boost the revenue coming from online food orders and private events booking.


Through limited 1st party data availability, we gathered valuable information, interviewing the restaurant manager, analyzing the clients, the local area, the direct website traffic, the social engagement, the Facebook analytics and the principal competitors in the area for the same target audience.  We concluded that the main segment of customers were mostly american and latinos, music salsa lovers, with weekly frequency base, target age range 65% (45-65) and 35% (30-44), interested in dancing, menu promotion and Italian food.  After completed the site audit, we designed the strategy and a new Logo able to carry and communicate quality food and Italian style as requested by the owner.

In terms of traffic, we restructured the website, implemented new marketing initiative and communications. First, we SEO-optimized the internal structure, increased inbound back-linking across the main terms, in particular the private event booking page. We promoted and featured the restaurant, across few targeted platforms to advertise wedding location and ideal venues for private events.  Then we built a social media plan on Facebook and Instagram that inspires customers through exclusive initiatives, and relevant presentations around wedding and  special events, Live Salsa programs, gift card promo and Italian menu update.

We implemented a parallel local ads marketing campaign on and OpenTable promotion, attracting the younger italian food & salsa lover target. To boost the food orders and attract new local customer in the area, we launched the free dessert promotion included within the first order.  To prevent ad overexposure, we optimized the client’s budget by using frequency caps and specific time segments, based on their age and geographic targets.



The average volume of traffic increased 16% overall, The number of Facebook followers passed from 250 to over 1300 in few months, the customized promotion created for each client segment via Yelp and Social increased the email subscription 6% and volume of reservations, especially across the 30-44 target. Thanks to the SEO optimization and promotion across few targeted Private Event Venues, the number of new inquires increased over %31 compared to the prior months.




+1300 FB Followers

From The Client

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the InMove Media team. They are not only master's in Digital Marketing, but they also bring creative and strategic solutions for solving problems and provide excellent ideas. Thanks to them, our revenues improved and even the number of private event booked increased notabily. ”

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