Social Media Marketing

We build content relationship and engaging activities with your audience, we connect your product and brand with Media leaders and  influencers and we use tracking technology and content marketing strategies to promote your company. Our Social Media Strategy is based on Audience, Market, Communication, Brand and Competitors analysis. Let us help you to stay on top of any communication, improving your Social Media Image and online presence!

Our Social Media professionals can help you to create your marketing plan across all global platforms, generating quality and engaging multi media content to use for the social media activities and for a more powerful and strategic online branding communication.

  • The main goal for an effective and well-organized social media marketing campaign is to: "be present, engaging and expanding your audience across the entire web"
  • We analyze and target with media influencers and leaders to in your market niche.
  • If necessary, we create contests and engaging activities able to increase the word-of-mouth effect.
  • We can support the client to stay on top of conversations about the company, service and product, sharing positive information, stimulating positive attitudes and helpful solutions for their social media visitors.

Our Social Media Process

Our social media marketing process is based in 4 main steps to ensure that your business gets the best result from our campaign:


This first step is essential to understand all about the client. Starting from the Brand, Business model, Communication & Language Style, Product&Services, Website, Past Reviews, Social Presence & Online competitors. All it’s necessary and helpful for us to build a real effective Social Media plan. During this step we can ask documentations and additional information.


Based on the type of Goal requested by the client, we build a specific Social Media plan using effective marketing methods to determinate strategy, goals and communication approaches to use during the campaign to make the content the most shareable possible.

> Engagement Strategy

One of the main focus in our social media plan, is how to encourage users to share quality content and how to cooperate with the right influencers to leverage their networks with engagement information about the client product.

> Content Strategy

To drive attention you need to know first how to communicate! One of our main interest during a Social Media campaign is to  provide quality and useful content able to their attention and attraction.  This is a key point, to build little by little, an open and trustful relationship between the target audience and the Brand company.

> Measurement Planning

Analysis, analysis, analysis! Design measurable short, medium and long-term goals to properly evaluate the campaign efficiency is important to adjust budget, strategy and marketing results.  Normally a Social Media company analyze the number of traffic, re-tweets, comments left, positive shares, likes, views and visit to the website company.

> Advertising Strategy

Social Media is big player now days, but it's also a very competitive and challenging one. Based on type of product and service, we add a parallel advertising budget to boost traffic and obtain extra valuable information to use during the campaign. Social Advertising is important also to increment the growing speed of the social community rate and any engagement effect.


Following the client Brief and the engagement strategy plan, the campaign execution establishes the perfect content approach to use to interact and positively influence the target users across all platforms. During this steps all Social Media Marketing technique take place and if necessary, a supportive and parallel advertising campaign in line with client budget get implemented.


We provide regular reporting that includes analysis of campaign performance, KPIs, and goal tracking and adjust project plan based on results
We deliver a detailed analysis every month with all campaign metrics and you will always know where we are and what we need to do to accomplish all your campaign goals and objectives.


Increase your audience across the entire web with social media marketing.

  •  Engage your audience using the right content and social communication technique.
  •  Get mentioned by the top influencers in your niche.
  •  Expandyour voice referrals. 
  •  Stay on top of talksand topics about your services, industry and company.
  •  Share and Helps

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