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Simple Daily Health is a small company that uses content marketing to offer tips and information about healthy living and positive change. Thanks to their blog, people benefit from alternative healthy solutions for better living. They contacted us to increase their internet visibility, boost their number of social media followers, and increase their customer database.

Increased average traffic volume from new & referring users by 15%, with a 6% monthly increase in email subscriptions
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Increase overall traffic volume for social media followers and email subscriptions.


We SEO-optimized the internal site structure, and created a content marketing plan for each site area that had keyword ranking opportunities. Then we designed a social media plan based on graphic images and shareable content banner tips—an ideal viral tool across all social media platforms. We implemented a parallel Facebook marketing campaign targeting prospective audiences, based on our most effective content. To prevent ad overexposure, we optimized the client’s budget by using frequency caps and specific time segments, based on their age and geographic targets.


The average volume of traffic increased 16% overall, which quickly generated 1300 new Facebook followers. This traffic benefit increased the monthly email subscription rate by 6% with a positive ROI.



1300 New Followers

From The Client

“Great work! Daniele and his team have done wonderful work for us. We always receive great attention to every aspect of our business. The whole process of working together has been a great experience, seeing how they achieved all the goals we request. Thank you.”

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