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DNS (Domain Name Solution) is a new domain consulting agency in New York with valuable portfolio names available for buyers. The owner contacted us to promote his service across the net, and improve the impact of his minimal site structure.

62% increase in new user traffic, generating a high number of new inquiries for listed domain names
Geo-traffic location


Promote a site across the net, and improve its navigability and design.


After designing a new visual approach, we focused on online and offline SEO, site communication, branding, and link-building. On the keyword side, we analyzed terminology used in the domain names of business and brokerage consulting, to optimize content marketing. We also connected with the industry’s leading domain name to acquire inbound linking. On the other side, we optimized the entire site link structure, and fixed every broken site link we discovered.


We’ve achieved a fantastic rise in traffic generated by just a few important off-site links. Overall traffic increased by 62%, most of them new users. The site received a few inquiries for the new domain name listed, and the company increased its authority and brand awareness through the creation and spread of off-site SEO content. After 5 months of activity, the campaign’s revenue increased by 58% compared to the previous period. Though the bounce rate is high, it’s fallen 7% since the start of the campaign.



From The Client

“They know what to do. Excellent services and full attention to details.”

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